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To Mum on Your Wedding Day

Dear Mum, with joy and tears I say,
As you wed on this glorious day,
In white gown, radiant as the sun's ray,
Let's mix some humor in this bouquet.

From diapers to dresses, you've been my rock,
Now a new chapter begins, tick-tock,
Dad's lucky, but watch out for his sock—
May your love be strong as a sturdy block.

Remember when I tied shoes 'round the clock?
You always laughed, even at my knock-knock.
Your marriage now, like a seasoned wok,
May it sizzle and simmer, not run amok.

So here's to you, Mum, so brave and bright,
Embracing this new journey, taking flight.
With laughter and love, let your heart ignite,
In your union, may everything feel just right.
In a world where the waves kiss the sky,
A father sets sail with a twinkle in his eye.
Dean and Kelly, his children so dear,
Adventure awaits on waters clear.

Red wine in hand, under starlit nights,
Their laughter dances in celestial lights.
Yachting through oceans, boundless and grand,
Together they roam, a close-knit band.

Dean's curiosity, Kelly's gleeful shout,
Their father guides, without a doubt.
On this vessel of love, they navigate life’s sea,
In harmony and joy, wild and free. 

Underneath the vast, azure dome,
They craft memories to forever roam.
A tale of family, love, and glee,
Sailing together, boundless and free.
In the glow of love's eternal flame,
Two souls united, bearing no shame.
Twenty-one years with Lady Gina by my side,
In faith and love, our bond does abide.

Through trials faced and victories won,
In God's grace, we stand as one.
Christian hearts intertwined in prayer,
Guided by His steadfast care.

Hand in hand, through life we roam,
In each other, we've found our home.
On this 21st year, our love does shine,
A testament to a union divine.

Lady Gina, my heart's true delight,
In your eyes, I see Heaven's light.
Here's to us, to love that endures,
In Christ, forevermore secure.
Laura's turning forty, not fifty, you see,
A Collingwood fan, as passionate as can be.
Teacher of mats, quick-witted and bright,
Sarcastic and funny, a joyous light.

Her invite in hand, it's time to prepare,
Dress to impress, a theme so rare.
Black and white, like domino's cheer,
Celebrating with friends, laughter near.

In this tale of Laura, a good friend we find,
Forty years young, with a sharp mind.
So let's raise a toast, as the party begins,
For Laura, our star, as the night spins.