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In Hiatt Baker's halls, they met and embraced,
Bryony and George, their love interlaced.
Now celebrating their union so grand,
A wedding of dreams across the land.

Back in university days of yore,
Laughter and memories forevermore.
Drinking and carousing, friendships so strong,
Two souls entwined, singing life's sweet song.

Claw hands moments, we'd laugh till we cried,
Taylor Swift anthems, our spirits would glide.
Always looking good with a sun-kissed glow,
Second year of uni, a time we'd never outgrow.

Now Bryony and George, their vows they exchange,
Hearts bound together, their love to arrange.
A celebration of joy, a future so bright,
May their love radiate through day and night.

Cheers to the couple, whose love does ignite,
May their journey be filled with pure delight.
As Hiatt Baker reunites once again,
To honor the love of Bryony and George, amen.

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