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In Anandh's life, a devoted husband with care,
Two kids bring joy, moments beyond compare.
Yet "me time" elusive, lost in parental love,
As wife finds respite, soaring like a dove.

His days revolve around the family's needs,
With laughter and chaos, his heart indeed feeds.
But solitude beckons, a quiet retreat sought,
As responsibilities bind, leaving him caught.

While wife savors freedom, stolen moments cherished,
Anandh yearns for solace, where his soul flourishes.
In the symphony of life, roles intertwine and blend,
A quest for balance, on love they depend.

So let Anandh find his space, a tranquil reprieve,
Amidst the chaos of life, a chance to believe.
For in the dance of parenthood, harmony will rise,
Uniting their hearts under love's endless skies.

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