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To my son on his wedding day,
A moment of joy, come what may.
From cradled dreams to vows anew,
Embracing love, forever true.

In her eyes, a future gleams bright,
Two hearts as one, in love's pure light.
A journey starts, with hand in hand,
Together, strong, a lifelong stand.

Remember always, my dear son,
The love that binds, when days are done.
With every step, your hearts entwined,
A love so rare, a treasure find.

As you both say "I do" with pride,
Your souls now one, no need to hide.
Cherish the bond you both create,
A union blessed by fate.

May laughter dance in your home,
And peace within your hearts roam.
My son, as you begin this new chapter,
May your love grow deeper, ever after.

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